Skids Gas/Steam Turbine

Auxiliary System Packaged Skids

WWGTP can provide skids designed to customer application and specification or built to customer drawings. Our OEM Certified engineering associates will ensure that the components and overall system comply with performance and integration requirements of the overall plant.

Our OEM and ASME Certified manufacturing facility provides quick turnaround on our skids, and has the
capacity for on-site complete functional testing. WWGTP provides skids and designs for applications including, but not limited to:

  • Lube Fuel • Multi-Fuel Transfer
  • Water Injection • Liquid Fuel Forwarding
  • Water Wash • Gas Fuel Liquid Removal
  • Gas Fuel Regulation


Advisory Services for New & Used Gas Turbine Units

  • Conversions • Inspections
  • Installations • Updates
  • Castings • Machining
  • Fabrications
  • Control & Fuel Systems Upgrades
  • Custom-built Fuel Forwarding Skids
  • Fuel Nozzle Flow Testing
  • Repair & Refurbishing • Reverse Engineering

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